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Hire a bartender and mobile bar in Cardiff

Hire the most prestigeus cocktail and flair bartenders in Cardiff. ​

Hiring a bartender and mobile bar in Cardiff just got easier! Thanks to our extensive network of experienced bartenders we can guarantee you an unforgettable event, no matter how late you've left it. With us you can hire: cocktail and flair bartenders, bars, cocktail master-classes, event production, management and PR. Just give us a call share your vision and we will always give you the best possible service for your money. We offer our cocktail services to Cardiff and South Wales.


All the classic cocktails that you will find in most cocktail bars from from Dubai to London.


With just a few ingredients and the right pour, these are the most fashionable cocktails in history.

Fun, fresh, stylish recipes that will become the center of attraction of every event! 


Find out all the latest flavours around the world. Here is a list of our favourite new cocktails.


Why not try our bartenders own twist of some of the most foumous cocktails?

Our non-alcoholic cocktails are sparkly, fun and packed with fresh flavor.

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