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Chippenham bartender hire.

Chippenham bartender hire.

Hire a bartender in Chippenham and surrounding areas.

Chippenham cocktail service.

Chippenham cocktail service.

Industries finest cocktail bartenders waiters and glass-collectors in Chippenham

Luxury weddings in Chippenham.

Luxury weddings in Chippenham.

Hire our luxury cocktail package for your wedding in Chippenham.

Fantastic cocktail masterclasses!

Fantastic cocktail masterclasses!

Jump behind the bar and have fun. London.

Cocktail and flair bartenders private hire Chippenham.

Hire our cocktail service, mobile bars and barmans for your event in Chippenham.

Here at GO Bartenders Chippenham we are the best-placed team to create that perfect party atmosphere no matter the event. Let us do the heavy lifting; peace of mind is part of all packages,

From our highly rated cocktail master classes to brand events, we can be the perfect addition to your celebration or gathering. Go Bartenders Chippenham are stocked with premium brand spirits and equipment, not to mention industry professionals who will charm and delight with their fresh cocktail creations.

Chose a package from our site, get a quick quote online or call us to see how we may be of service. We aim to exceed your expectations, tailor the experience to your needs all while respecting your budget. Working closely with brand and industry leaders, there is no event to big or small for us.

Whether seeking to book a solo bartender or a full team of mixologists we can arrange it all, from ice to slice, pour to sip. Support continues beyond booking, cocktail selection and service. Whatever the budget, value and thrills are our aim as we add that extra sparkle to your event.

GO Bartenders are available for hire in Chippenham now, so why wait. Click through and get started creating your memorable event now, Go bartenders Chippenham are ready to serve.

All the classic cocktails that you will find in most cocktail bars from from Dubai to London.


With just a few ingredients and the right pour, these are the most fashionable cocktails in history.

Fun, fresh, stylish recipes that will become the center of attraction of every event! 


Find out all the latest flavours around the world. Here is a list of our favourite new cocktails.


Why not try our bartenders own twist of some of the most foumous cocktails?

Our non-alcoholic cocktails are sparkly, fun and packed with fresh flavor.

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